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A Family Business

As a small, family run business since 1990, we understand what it takes to support your small to medium sized business.

We take great pride in our environment and the community that we create here at The Calvert Centre. 


Surrounded by 9 acres of paddocks that are kept pristine, you get a feel of working deep in the countryside, while still having exceptional connections to major transport routes and hubs like the rail, air and sea ports.

Dappeled sunlight through the drive wat trees of The Calvert Centre
Sunlight drenches the trees and paddocks of The Calvert Centre

The Team

The Boss!

Mary Wallis

Mary is the proprietor, and a warm and approachable landlady.

Mary ensures that the caring ethos here stands strong.

During the pandemic, she made sure that we gave support to our tenants that as far as we know, no other similar business offered their tenants. 

Estates Manager

Nick Greenwood

Nick takes care of the 9 acres of paddock's (along with the sheep), and the physical buildings of The Calvert Centre. 

Any issues with the land or units, and Nick is on the case.

He also ensures we have great value, super fast internet, which in a rural location like this, wouldn't be possible otherwise. 

Business Consultant

Mark Greenwood

Mark acts as a great additional resource to the business, coming in to help resolve any technical or practical issues when needed. 

Mark helps Nick with the grounds, and adds a real business head when it comes to making important decisions having worked in the commercial property world since 1987.

Office Manager

Carol Greenwood

Carol runs the paperwork side of the business, invoices and the like.

She lives in Cornwall, where one day a week she works remotely to keep atop any payments or problems.

Carol comes into the office at The Calvert Centre every month to ensure that nothing has been missed, and makes sure that everyone has all they need. 

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